Modern Property Design 


        Designing Beautiful Interiors    

About Me

What I love:

  • Stylish, clean, elegant design
  • Getting my hands dirty.
  • Cleaning up a good mess.
  • Putting everything back together (better than it was before).
  • Updating and providing home decor ideas and solutions


How I do what I do?

  • I travel near and far for great prices.
  • I am not afraid to brake the rules - if it works and looks good. 


What I would love to do for you:

  • Design, redesign or update your home - no matter the room, space, size or mess. 

Need :

A  Living Room update?

A Kitchen update? 

A Bathroom makeover ?

Bedding decor ideas?

Affordable design solutions or just some interior design advice.

We create beautifully decorated rooms using paint, new curtains, sometimes wallpaper,  trim and molding.  

We offer inter design in DC, Maryland & Virginia.