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Onsite Design Services

Remodels & Refresh

We design, manage, and facilitate light or heavy construction remodels. Projects range from initial design development to installation. We work with architects and contractors to present clients with complete floor plans, elevations, schedules, proposals, samples, visuals, and photo-realistic mock-ups throughout the entire process. We identify all necessary or requested materials, finishes, furnishings, decor, art, and small accessories. Our contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and fabricators all work closely together to ensure that every element is executed seamlessly, according to budget requirements and schedule. If they prefer to, clients can be involved in the project or simply leave the remodeling to our expert team. Our primary goal is to deliver unparalleled service while providing our clients with the best experience they deserve.

Furnishing and Decor

Whether you wish to complete the furniture in your living room or spruce up the master bedroom with new hew hardwood floors, rugs, lighting, and art, we have the team who can do all these. We offer an all-inclusive decorating service for rounding out loosely appointed rooms and complete sourcing of furniture pieces for your spaces that are a clean canvass. Much can be done with Pinterest boards, renderings, and style boards. Space planning can be accomplished with these tools to develop cohesive concepts for decor, furnishings, and even light construction, including paint, wallpaper, and lighting. Each space identified can be tailored to meet both your aesthetic and functional design aspirations. We will manage the entire process, from ordering materials to budgeting, scheduling, and overseeing all installation.

Design Consultation

*  We offer hourly onsite design consultations.  

*  We travel to DC, Maryland and Virginia.  

* Consultations give us a chance to meet-interview potential clients and for the client to do the same with us.  

* This one-two hour consultation  is to establish project scope, survey the space, and understand the client’s design requirements and goals.

These Consultations are also ideal for clients who aren’t seeking full-service design but do have a few, specific questions and are looking for some on-the-spot answers, feedback, and suggestions. 

*  Consulations can be done virtually as well (Zoom or phone call)

Color Consultations

*  Color plays a vital role in interior design. 

*  Our color consultations primarily consist of conversations around a client’s desires and preferences regarding color for their home’s interior. From these conversations, we determine how to best implement their chosen color. Having the right combinations for each area that requires paint, including trim, ceilings, walls, cabinets, built-ins, flooring, and exteriors, is key. 

*  During the consultation, we work with clients to develop a color story or stories that pertain to areas in the home. For example, we consider the home’s overall architectural structure and design, whether its traditional, modern, Victorian, or others. We also consider the client’s personal style, the function of each room, and any existing elements. 

*  After the consultation, the client will receive style boards specifying paint colors and finishes that can easily be handed off to your painter or trusted contractor. We can also refer a vendor I case you don’t have one yet.