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Not every home needs to be remodeled to express how you live.  So much in an interior environment can be affected by simply changing the paint color, installing good lighting and the appropriate placement of quality furnishings along with window treatments.  For example I had a recent client who did not want to by new furniture, replace rugs, lighting or for the most part his artwork.  He only wanted paint, curtains and blinds.  That's it!  He wanted to update his living room decor, dining room decor, and his sitting room decor.  And by decor he meant paint, curtains and blinds.

we update rooms that need paint, curtains and blinds.  we meet our customers design needs where they want to be met

So the above is what i started with.  Remember no furniture moving or removal - "I just want paint, blinds and curtains".  I tried convincing him to do more but when the client is adamant - I listen.  He allowed me to put the artwork back up and i was able to add crown molding (the molding was a tough sell too).  I also gave him a lamp to replace the cat lamp located to the left on the side table.  This is what i came up with. 

after picture of an updated room done by modern property design

Updated living room decor

living room update, yellow painted living room before update, before living room update
living room after paint, living room update, living room update after being painted gray, new curtains, new blinds, new paint

So i get it.  You just need a living room update here and you don't want the whole "i'm an interior designer and i am going to talk you into spending a lot of money experience". This situation forced me to really think about who my client was as a person to execute bringing cohesion (his living, dining and back room are all connected) and sophistication to him on a limited budget. 

updated decor from modern property design, curtains, art and blinds

New Paint Curtains and Blinds - Makes a difference!

Dining Room update - before

before photo of dining room,

Dining Room Update - after

after photo of dining room, dining room painted gray with new blinds and curtains, gray curtains, blush colored shades

Sitting room update - remember this was an "I only want paint, blinds and  curtains - nothing else"

sitting room before new paint with gray couch.  maroon walls and white curtains

Sitting Room update - After

sitting room painted gray with couch in room and red pillows, new brown shades

Sitting Room Update - Before

sitting room before paint.  white drapes and maroon walls

Sitting Room Update - After

sitting room painted gray with new brown blinds

I think in the end you have to respect the client and their adamant wishes.  Maybe, just maybe there will be a phase 2 for him and he will want to update the furniture, art and who knows even the lighting.  Until then - we are both happy and satisfied with the result. Sometimes it's just baby steps : )