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Rosslyn Snowden


Welcome to Modern Property Design.  
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Hi, my name is Rosslyn and I believe that interior design is an essential element to any beautiful and comfortable home. A well-designed interior can significantly upgrade the look of your house, enhance your mood, and improve the way you experience your daily life.

My philosophy is this: Life is short. Your home — the space where you live, raise your family, and bring out your true self — is your refuge. It should reflect your style and personality. It should help you create lasting experiences and make memories with the people that matter to you. It should be designed in a way that will make you happy, peaceful, and comfortable every time you are in it. 

At Modern Property Design, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients. We take time to understand their vision, interests, and preferences. We listen to their needs and address their pain points. Then, we deliver an impressive, high-quality product that not only meets their requirements but exceeds their expectations, too. We work closely with architects, electricians, and vendors to ensure that our home interior designs solutions are carried out smoothly and seamlessly.

Allow us to design your home’s interior and we will turn your dream house into reality.


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